Vervoer works with IRIS, DB, UIC and AM standards homologated manufacturers.

Consider our company for each and every need of supply for the following products:


  • Composite brake blocks
  • Composite and sintered brake pads


  • Suspension elastic rubber elastomers


  • Gondola – Transportation of iron ore.
  • Hopper – Transport of various types of grains, limestone, among others.
  • Tank – Fuel transport and bulk ciment.
  • Wide Load – Transport of bulk and general cargo.
  • Platform –  Shipping containers and general cargo.

Auto Couplers

  • Auto Couplers – EUA
  • Auto Couplers – IUC

Command and Control Cables

  • CBA Vofaflex
  • CBA Flexball
  • CBA Vofaflex e Cvflex
  • Bearings and Accessories

Mono-block Wheels

  • Cast Iron Method.
  • Stamped and Forged Method.

Axles for Wheel-sets